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How to End Homelessness

Homelessness is a creating scourge the country over. This dreadful misfortune has incited various confused people driving destroyed lifestyles, and standing up to the horrendous and terrible fiasco of surrender. The inspiration driving this study is to not simply impact the pursuers to get related with fulfillment vagrancy on neighborhood and national undertakings, anyway to get a handle on new and imaginative techniques for finish this rapidly creating issue, by making a transition to end this disastrous situation. Below, I have discussed 12 steps which you can follow to end this curse.

1. To Acquire Any Space

The first thing a homeless person need to do is to find a place to sleep or stay. For that they can spend time in the garage of a friend sleeping in an airbag if they don’t have that they can sleep in a parking lot’s corner inn a worse case and find a better place for them in the day like renting a place where you can share the rent with other homeless people if you cannot work that out you can lock you’re air bag under a bus bench and preserve your goods it will be good if a nearly store owner can take care of it for.

2. Learn How to Use Emails

A homeless person must know how to use emails if he is in a great crisis or a very bad situation and unable to contact his sponsor or anyone else he must be able to leave an Email for his sponsor or some government official which may help them and he need an Email to get a homeless ID card which can benefit him in a lot of different ways like church giving away goods to the people with homeless ID cards.

3. Learn How to Build Websites

A homeless person should know how to build websites in the current world websites are very important means of marketing yourself and making some money. You can start earning money if you know how to build a website or you can make people help you by letting them know that you are a homeless person through your website and it is not a very difficult thing to learn many Homeless day care services are teaching computer courses to the people having a Homeless ID. So, once again if you are homeless you need to have a homeless ID.

4. Behavior Enhancement

A homeless person must be working on his behavior with others in order to improve it. I the behave in a proper manner with their employer they will get good rewards in terms of money and if they don’t have any employment they might get one because of their behavior and they must act accordingly with general public as well in order to build their trust with locals in their dealings with them and because of good behavior they will get sympathies which will help them get back on their feet.

5. Job Volunteering

Instead of relying on others a homeless person should try and find a job. It does not matter if he likes the job or not if really wish to get something for himself honorably. He should even think about working for less money or as an apprentice or as an intern just to get some work experience so that he could raise his own standards and in the end get what he/she really deserve.

6. Apply for government benefits

Homeless people should get their homeless ID and apply for the government and other social benefits categorized specially for the homeless people. Government has many discounts and give away of goods to the people living on the streets for their rehabilitation and other than that church have donation of clothes to these people and many stores have special discounts for the homeless people so they should apply for those to meet their needs in low budget.

7. Get help from a social worker

A social worker is someone who help the people who works for the betterment of humanity like they help the hungry and homeless people so If someone is homeless they should seek help from them they can help you getting allowances from the government ask people to donate money in your name and if you are willing they can get you a job suitable to your condition and can really put you on a track for a better future.

8. Group Bail Bond Club Formation

Homeless people must form a bail bond club as the majority of people involved in different kind of crimes are homeless so, unfortunately if you are happened to be involved in a crime in which it is possible to get bailed you are going to need someone to bail you out and that’s what a bail bond club does, homeless people helping each other.

9. Group Living


11. Living in $200/Month

If you have to survive in a budget as low as $200 a month you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of things but it is not impossible. For people who only want to live it should not be that much difficult if you can spend the nights in homeless care center and all you have to do is spend the money on eating and traveling and if you are going totally on cash then food for a day should cost something around $4/day and the rest of the money you can spend on your traveling which should not be much and water and you must try to stay as clean as possible so that you don’t get ill and have to pay for that as well.

12. Living in $300/Month

First thing you have to worry about is food, the must-buys: bread, beverage and some meat. Include veggies and fruits in season which are dirt-cheap. Even fresh chicken (great for both kids and adults) come for as low as $0.88 per pound. With a $75 two-week budget spent in a low-priced supermarket, it’s possible you can even save a few dollars left after four weeks. Second thing is Gas and Electricity Rate calculation varies, but on an average, it’s $100 for a household that has the basics which are lighting, furnace, refrigerator, few gadgets and a small appliance or two. There are also ways to reduce this. If you have children or elderly, your local social services department can intervene on your behalf for lower rates or in holding back service cut-off. Third thing is water, payment varies from state to state, but on average it’s a monthly $30 between a low of 50 gallons to a high of 150 daily. There are industry calculations for this, but simply put, our family of four consumes a monthly average of 15,000 gallons for around $30.